21 Be Mindful with your money, honey

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld

This is one of the more ambiguous cards because when it comes to finance I m not where I want to be. Yet. I ve improved my money mastery, and I have all the tools and plans in place to get my income on track the next 6 months. I even told my mom my goal to be able to buy a house in the same apartment building she lives. My mother thought that was a very healthy ambition.
Maybe I would ultimately refrain from it, although I m so open about my personal life I might as well live under the same roof, but she found the ambition to grow my income healthy. And we’d see to the boundary issue later.

Maybe it would have been better to write this post later, when my financial success has been realized. But that would also mean that you would not hear about it until then, right? For another two to three months, you would go without the brilliant thing I discovered, that could improve your relationship with money instantly. In other words: if I postponed writing this post, it would cost you money. In a few months I would be more believable (yes), I would know even more (yes), but you would have lost another quarter of a year in which you could have have fun making money. In which you could have used money (receiving it!) to kickstart and sky rocket your personal growth.

And if in a few months I wouldn’t have achieved my goals, because of my own personal money blocks and issues, then I probably would feel timid to share this journey and you would never hear it! Even though there is a good chance that you might have done a better job.

So that’s why I m sharing with you; my key leads and insights to improve your relationship with money. Not because I do such a great job making money but because I have faith you can.

The first and the latest role model

“It” started two years ago when an escort Avery Moore surfaced on the internet. She had created an overview of her work hours in 2013; neat graphics which she filled with special software on how many hours she saw clients, worked on her beauty regiment, maintained her blog, her admin. It was like one journalist said: “If you’re as organized as Avery Moore, you can probably afford Avery Moore.” She asked a $1000 an hour.
How’s that for self-esteem. She was punctual, clear, business-like and friendly. And I developed an insatiable hunger to become an Avery Moore myself. I may not be in the business of selling physical intimacy, but I am in the business of selling myself. A fine line.

Because I have my own business these paragraphs will focus on making your own money, but please bear with me or scroll forward if you have a regular job, because it ends with the link I want you to get the most, and it’s suitable for any kind of employment situation. And it’s all free.
So scroll down or keep reading, but don’t quit now.

I must have followed about two dozen business coaches or more. Marie Forleo most consistently. I found out about Marie Forleo years before Avery came into play, and defaulted to her regularly. I also took a course from Sadie Nardini on Udemy, the yoga of success, marketing and money. That was spring 2015, that was a good one too.

But my work didn’t start taking off until I got to know Amanda Daley: she is a mentor for health coaches, and she looks like Avery Moore! If you are in the health business, go find Amanda Daley on YouTube. Her (free!) Business Boost training will rock your world ánd your financial results. For months I believed things couldn’t get any better until Amanda Daley introduced us to someone else:
Denise Duffield-Thomas.how-my-blog-makes-money
Oh my.

This is Denise’s website with lots of great freebees and her blog features transcripts from her videos (in case you prefer reading to watching).

And this is Denise on YouTube. 

What the doctor orders.
Or in this case the yoga teacher wannabe-escort

If you’re curious about feeling light and happy about earning, manifesting, attracting money and abundance into your life, I ask you to visit Denise’s website and read just one blogpost (which will include a video).
If you have your own business you could also tune into her channel & watch ONE Denise video a day.  The difference is that she posts her longer, unedited talks (always related to business) on her YouTube. Her blog is more styled, and more inspirational, but doesn’t contain all available video material.

So that’s my prescription: just for today tune into that funny, bright, woman and let her light shine on you. That’s it.

If you like it you can repeat it every day, f.e. in your coffee break, or sign up for all the lovely freebees she hands out on her website.

413K3YEX87L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Next Level

There are two books you can buy, if you want to go deeper. One is Get Rich Lucky Bitch from Denise Duffield Thomas herself. And the other is one she and Amanda Daley both recommend: The Big Leap from Gay Hendricks. This is also a more masculine approach, and one that teaches you to tackle any problem in your life, and go to the next level, using the same method every time. The Big Leap is a comprehensive and easy to understand book.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch from Denise Duffield Thomas is more substantial. But when you’ve mined through her whole blog and YouTube channel, it makes sense that you would be open to something more extensive. Expect more fun though, and inappropriate jokes. I never read anything like it! It’s magic.

Work with me

I m using a card deck Crazy Sexy Love Notes to write a new blogpost every week. Sign up for this blog, and you will receive these babies weekly.

You can also subscribe to my yoga videos on YouTube or come to my classes at my private studio M Yoga NijmegenIf you use the May offer you receive an extra discount or a weekly bonus class. Fulltime college students receive 50% off.

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