25 Pause

25by Suzanne L Beenackers/LS Harteveld

I wasn’t kidding two weeks ago. After four months of investing solely in my business, I had a knee injury. Not because I was yoga-ing like a mofo, but because I was literally standing on one leg. I was only a savvy business woman.
Not an erotica writer.
Not publishing my books.
Not working on a new, healthy body.
In fact I was doing so little with my body it was starting to fall apart.
So in June I limited my working hours and the rest was completely free. And I kept word..

One of the first things I started doing is spend the first hours of my day on what I have preliminary called:
vision hours
From the outside it looks like I’m just watching self-help YouTubes, playing with my planning notebooks, writing in my diary, and reading self-help books. And guess what? That is exactly what I am doing! I’m shaping my thoughts. I’m shaping my world. In a notebook that is meant as a workbook, I fill up two to eight pages a day
* with notes from self-help YouTubes
You can check for Marissa Peer (psychologist), Denise Duffield-Thomas (money mindset mentor) Marie Forleo. Or if you’re ready to fang those metaphysics then search for Abraham Hicks. You may want to do some background search on who Abraham is, who Jerry and who Esther. Unless you’re totally comfortable with married couples who talk as “I” and then mean an ancient spirit.
* with notes from self-help books
I’m now reading Manifesting Change from Mike Dooley
I always highlight everything directly in the book, and only make notes if I get an inspired future vision or ideas.
* with assignments I make up and give to myself
Yesterday I was so stoked that I had solved my publishing block (which had been rooting in my brain for 7 years) that this morning I was like:
“That was easy! If playing with my notebooks every morning solved that then what else do I want to solve? Which areas in my life are sub-optimal?”
And I wrote those areas down.
Then I started my “routine” (its not really a routine, it’s alive and intuitive) of reading and watching videos and I got this great story about a woman (Esther) with a pages long to-do list that she had been carrying around for days. She asked her husband (Jerry) what she should do with it. And he said:
“Create two columns. On the left you place everything YOU are going to do today. And on the right column you write: this is everything I want the Universe to take care of.
And there you place all the other stuff.”
Guess what happened?
Within a day there was more progress in that right column that Ester could have ever made if she had taken on those tasks herself.

So I immediately created a new spread in my notebook: on the left I wrote what I would do today. And I put all the sub-optimal areas of my life as earlier diagnosed, confidently on the right: on the “please fix this” column of the Universe!

My daily Pause tip for you

Stop “working” on your to-do lists. Stop “fixing” your life. Stop immediately investing any energy in anything you. do. not. want. Take a break. Step back. Every day, take your notebook and start to imagine what it is you want. Start filling it with the thoughts you want to have. Make a list of everything you want the Universe to fix for you.
Your job is to work on your thoughts, on your bigger vision.
And then to align yourself with that, so you can receive it. So you can allow it.

I thought about this notebook habit of mine, and suddenly I realized what it resembled: my daily dream weaving/ visionary/ divine to do list is like sketch book from an artist: I write out little parts of my life, and then sometimes I rewrite them later. Sometimes I do that over and over until they’re exactly right!
And sometimes I drop them, and never visit them again, and yet I know I’m a different person for having made that note. That was the transformation (of me). My notebook is a sketch pad for my life: it is as disposable at it his holy.

The phrase “Create the life you love” suggests that creation is done at the level of life. On some earthly micromanagement getting-things-done plane. Not true.
The creation of your life is done on the mental plane. That’s where you weave, sketch, put the dots together. And for me that works best with my notebook, a morning coffee, and one hour minimum but I can go up till three.

It is on the mental plane where you create a new life and then you align with that throughout your day so you can receive it. That is how you really get things done.

Just cherry pick what you want to focus on and put the rest in that right column.
Universe doesn’t mind and it probably does a better job too.

Work with me

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You can also subscribe to my yoga videos on YouTube or come to my classes at my private studio M Yoga Nijmegen.

I’s super excited because I’ll open registration for my brand new summer packages tomorrow!!
I’m going to post them on this page.
If you need any extra info on yoga classes or other metaphysics
contact Suzanne at

That last bit was me talking about myself in the third person.
Or maybe it was Abraham 😉

“As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story,
in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens,
the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience.
A belief is only a thought you continue to think;
and when your beliefs match your desires,
then your desires must become your reality.”

Abraham Hicks

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