26 Believe

26 Believeby Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld

When I was five I saw a goblin. And at 26 I saw a troll (in my defense: we were in Denmark) So I accepted long ago no one could validate what I was observing. I was entitled to have my own truth and could choose my own thoughts and feelings. Things that make me feel good!
Like unicorns right?
Isn’t that fantastic?
Creating your own mental world is like the spiritual equivalent of eating as many winegums as you like without ever getting sick.

Here is my top three mental candy stores:

1. Mike Dooley –
The Notes of the Universe (daily emails)
Manifestation book
or check YouTube

2. Denise Duffield Thomas – money mindset coach
loads of freebees & weekly blog
book Get Rich Lucky Bitch

or check YouTube

3. Abraham Hicks – spirits vocalized by Esther Hicks
easiest by using a search term on YouTube, followed by a topic you want information on.
For example relationships or business.

All three don’t just offer mental candy
they also believe in Thoughts become Things aka The Law of Attraction.
I find Abraham Hicks the most profound, in the sense that it gives you direct access to the vibration of everything you want. They call that the Vortex.

The final part of this post will be used to explain the Vortex, even though this is definitely the most esoteric I ever told you. Feel free to stay with the other to links I gave you, Denise and Mike Dooley. They will do fine manifesting anything you want, without using weird terms.

Mike Dooley will also explain how to implement your vision into action: start moving. Baby steps into what you think is the right direction. Your vision/ emotion/dream is like a navigation system: it can only give you directions once you’ve entered the final destination, once you’ve started moving and as long as you keep your navigation on.

How to work The Vortex

The Vortex is what you create in your mind, that you like. There is also something called a Grid – and this is everything you think about including the things you don’t like. But The Vortex is like your Best Of. It holds only what you like and love, it’s a higher energy. If you’re in the Vortex (thinking about things that you love and appreciate) the Law of Attraction works on those things. If you’re outside the Vortex, for example “solving” issues with people by talking about the problem, the law of attraction works there.  You get more problems. You ignite/ energize the problem with all the attention you’re giving it.

To stay or live from your Vortex, look for what you love, appreciate, what you adore, what fascinates you. What you can solve. How you can contribute. If you think you have a problem somewhere then only talk about it in terms of solutions and feel the positive energy of having solved that problem already.
If you can’t feel the energy of the solution, you can’t solve a problem.

capital letters:
you can only find solutions/ a partner/ money if you are in the energy of what it is you want.
In the Vortex.
small letters:
Not if you start in, and give energy to, the things and situations that you don’t want. Or the money you don’t have. Or the lover that’s not here. Or the feelings you’re lacking.

For example here’s what I really “do” to create a  new relationship:
I invoke the feeling that I want to have when I am in a relationship. I want to feel appreciated, and loved, and inspired. Now: I am in the Vortex. In my happy place.
Anything that I do now, any email I send, any Whatsapp I respond to, anything I write about my future partner or say, is in tune to this feeling of being happy.
I’m also always in the vortex, feeling good, when I see my lover, and am truly appreciative of him. Here’s what I don’t do: I don’t hustle and wrestle him into my Vortex to be an ideal match in the next phase of my life.

I remember when my heart was broken, many years ago, and my mother said to me:
“That great feeling you had, when you were with him, that had nothing to do with him.
That feeling came from you.”

That is the Vortex. It wasn’t the connection to him I mourned, it was the connection to myself. To feeling good and to going from being connected to myself to being misaligned with myself.
That is what broke my heart. Not being able to access my vortex because I had used him as the key…

But that connection was never his to break. And it was never my mother’s to restore.

Your Vortex is your place of being, and space of living and feeling, that you own and create completely.

When you daydream the Vortex is like a big pink bubble, floating over you. The wouldn’t it be nice if.

There are two secrets here:
1. the only way to get in the bubble is to get into the vibration of that bubble. Into feeling good as if you already have, own and are, all that you desire, and that you (think you can) see in the bubble. You must live “as if” you’re in the bubble/ Vortex.
As if are not the right words, because if you’re feeling good it you ARE in your Vortex/ bubble.
2. that it doesn’t work the other way around.
If you magically or otherwise receive/ get/ manifest the things you think you can see in your bubble (things you thought that were going to make you happy) but you haven’t moved up to the vibration of feeling good?
They re not going to feel good. They re going to disappoint you.
Maybe you won’t even notice them.

The only way to get the life of your dreams is to first feel it.
Start with the happiness and the wonder.

Guess what?!
From the corners of my eye, I just saw my prince charming riding a unicorn!
I guess that whole troll goblin thing, was really just the beginning 😉

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