28 Elevate Your Energy

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld

First week, yeah! Welcome to my summer program!
Things are going full throttle here. In case you managed to miss it:
I’m having an incredible lot of fun making daily (!) yoga videos
for the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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At the studio I’ve got my Summer program going, and the card this week in class (just like here on the blog) is Elevate your energy.
Originally I was cracking jokes, that we would all get really clean and pure, so that we can dive headfirst in the Vierdaagse party, in two weeks, but that is not really what Elevating Your Energy is all about.
It’s about creating positive feelings, by appreciating things (or people), enjoying things (or people, or events), loving things (or people, or events, or your pets), so that you get into the vibration of these positive emotions, and thereby more positive things will come to you.

So it really doesn’t matter whether you’re doing yoga or partying: it’s all the same! As long as you do it with a sense of appreciation and joy.

The other way round: regardless of how “healthy” something is, if it repulses you, and you can’t find anything good about it, it will bring you in a low frequency and will therefor attract what you perceive as negative experiences.

There are different approaches to how to deal with being in a bad mood, or clearing negative energy, and they differ mostly in how deep you want to delve into the cause/ the root of the problem.
Personally, I go with the Abraham Hicks idea: any time spent looking into the problem will only activate and increase the negative vibration. You must immediately switch your attention to what you do want. To what does give you a good feeling. And then from there, you can look at the “situation” you’ve created (that you see as negative) and re-evaluate it from a light-hearted positive perspective.
You can’t solve a problem as long as you’re in the negative energy the problem has created.

So lately I’m developing my own way to go about this, and I will share that with you. First of all: as soon as I wake up, I play one Abraham Hicks video on my phone, and listen to it while I touch (in a Reiki like way) different parts of my body.
I will also during the day or at nighttime watch more videos, but it’s this first one that kind of sets the mood for the day.

This is how I’m solving problems, in my newly developed way (with help of Abraham Hicks)
– first I get into the feeling experience of some aspect of my life going really well.
For example I imagine my writing and yoga business doing really well.
Then I look at the space that is tied to this area.
So you see what I’m doing?
I connect the energy to something tangible.

In this case I look at the work space at home, and I think:
What does not belong here?
Now that I have a great and amazing business, and things are going great, which aspects here are not great and amazing?
And how can I fix that?

This way I ve already had tidying sessions in my office space (representing my business), kitchen cabinets (representing the joy of my new sugar free diet), and I painted my bedroom (to attract the love of my life of course)

So, without getting into the nitty gritty aspects of why you have a “problem”/ are not feeling well/ are in a low frequency
you can elevate your energy by taking a look at tangible things and rearrange and improve them until they give you joy.

You know that delicious feeling of luxurious hotel rooms?

That is the elevated energy of a space where every object is attended to.

Just like yoga is a relatively simple way to release the energy blocks of your body, by focusing on fluent and easy movements, attending to the material aspects of your life is a wonderful way to release energy blocks and get into a higher frequency on other areas as well.

Any area of your life, can work on any material area, but here are a few that are true for me:
– health  ->       bathroom & kitchen
– money ->       clear out your wallet, and treat money and your internet banktool with love
– love life ->     bedroom
– mental health -> wardrobe
– income/ business ->   your administration
I’ve set up a ritual of spending 30 minutes a day on my admin, while listening to Denise Duffield Thomas. Pretty great!

Remember, first get into the zone of feeling good (f.e. by watching a video), and then affirm/ manifest that energy (and any ideas that will bubble up!) by improving reality around you.


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