31 It’s Time to Rise

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld

Klik hier voor de Nederlandstalige cursus The Fire Starter.

I prepared for the worst. Now I had to wait another year for The Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. Which is not only a 4 day walking event, but also a 7 day party for a million visitors en residents of Nijmegen. Including me.
The day after my annual week of partying would be something like a spiritual hang over.

In addition to this, I feared a professional apotheosis as well. In 30 Days I had created a YouTube video challenge: every day I posted a yoga video. This would be my biggest online achievement so far, and this too ended at the Friday of the Vierdaagse.

And to top it all off, I would celebrate my 44th Birthday Sunday 24th. “Celebrate” wasn’t the right word, since I had chosen a 7 day birthday party instead. Sunday would be a workday.

With a birthday on a workday; a professional milestone marked; and the hard landing after 7 days of seeing friends and family, I considered creating a back-up plan. Activities I could do that would excite me, and keep me from getting depressed. But nothing popped to mind.. I only felt great emptiness when I thought of this weekend.

That is: until it actually arrived.

It was Friday. I was saying my goodbyes to a friend, with whom I had spent my last evening. She tried to keep me from cycling the main street, because it was sheer anarchy in the two hours after the walkers had come through, and before the cleaners came. I said I liked the excitement, and would cycle there anyway.
“Okay, just don’t go home with strangers.” She insisted.
“Oh THAT’s what I was missing!” I realized. “I knew there was something about this week unfulfilled.”
And we laughed at the thought of me picking up a stranger cycling home between the messy remains of the Vierdaagse.

When I got home safely (refusing a pretty good sex offer along the road)
I was like: “Okay, hit me. Let’s have it feeling terrible.”
but a new plan popped up instead..

It was daring, challenging, it seemed impossible. It was exactly on that edge of excitement and scare, where you know you’ll either pull it off and soar, or you’ll fail and it will be an experience. Both ways, you ve grown.

I was going to create a home yoga program, 3 to 5 Dutch video’s per week, and I would have them all ready every Sunday. It was designed as a 40 day package for private clients, but while creating them I would share them with my students.

This way I would have my first private client video program ready in September, and I would have a unique offer for my summer students.

It’s Saturday now. Instead of the feeling of gloomy, as I thought I would, I feel excited and totally alive.

Check out all the benefits of you start at M Yoga this week.

Because it really is time to rise.

And not just for me.

Fire Starter Summer offer

This is the all new M Yoga summer offer.
I ve included the Dutch video series The Fire Starter, and a free 5 week upgrade to unlimited yoga.

In September M Yoga is introducing something new: Premium Courses.
Group size 7 students only.

If you start in summer you can still get a Premium Course for a standard price.

Because of this new small group size, places are very limited.

If you’re already an M Yoga student, please let me know if you need a summer upgrade, or want to renew your subscription.

Enrollment and information
contact Suzanne s_beenackers@hotmail.com

Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 30 Day Yoga Challenge
M Yoga on Facebook

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Copy of Copy of M Yoga Summer yoga package





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