Listen to your body

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

The card this week is Listen to your body. And after a 50 plus hour workweek, and barely any sleep last night because of two acute stress factors, I can attest:
Listen to your body.
And preferably before you start developing symptoms.
Because by the time you get sick or unwell, you’ve already stressed it out.

Your body’s communication is quite similar to the Universe’s:
It merely whispers. But if you don’t listen it won’t hesitate to throw bricks at you.

These are my two free yoga programs:
Gym & Wellness and Madonna yoga videos.
Sign up and you’ll receive these babies every weekend.

37-listen-to-your-body_0005Gym & Wellness 02 Listen to your body
~Free Home Yoga Program

Gym & Wellness is a Dutch video program, but I ve created sticky men schedules that give you the entire home practice on paper. At no cost.
Each class has a theme, derived from the Crazy Sexy Love Cards I ve used throughout this year. The second week is Listen to your body.

01 hatha yoga & 02 vinyasa yoga
03 core transformer
04 lunar yoga & 05 flexibility

closing thought: card Listen to your body

Madonna Yoga videos
~Free Home Yoga Program

I created two new videos
012 M Yoga Stay – Vinyasa power yoga experienced  
013 M Yoga Angel – Neck stretches from heaven
There are 13 videos available, all titles from the first two Madonna albums.
Check the playlist here 
Just select the description/ title that appeals to you.
This week I will post the final title from the Like a Virgin album and the first two from True Blue.

Gym & Wellness squareDutch Programs/ Nederlands

Ik heb twee Nederlandstalige yoga programma’s:
studio lessen in Nijmegen
online Gym & Wellness

Gym & Wellness wordt vanaf maandag een individueel programma. De oude prijs staat alleen vandaag nog op de site.

Mail me als je vragen hebt of als ik je kan helpen met je inschrijving:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.

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