Be gentle to yourself

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

“The fastest way to wear yourself out, is by selling single sessions”

Yesterday morning I posted this quote from Amanda Daley (promoting selling packages, not single sessions) on my brand new page for Female Entrepreneurs Nijmegen.
A little tip: if you re interested in money, marketing and mindset, this is a great Facebook group to follow! Regardless of your gender or profession.

One day later I realized I had found an even faster way:
the fastest way to burn yourself out is to start a weekly high-end yoga video program, when you already teach eight classes, when it’s marketing high-season, and you are working on publishing your books. That is the quickest way to burn yourself down to the ground, including chest pains.

After last week’s 50+ hour workweek I decided to give up on publishing to contain my workhours, but instead I worked 60+ this week!

When I left a dinner party early yesterday because I still had to do work late on a Saturday night, and then was in bed after one o clock again, I knew I had to stop.

So I did.

This means you will not find the Gym & Wellness schedules (or any schedules, since those too cost me a lot of time to make) in this blog BUT you will keep receiving my Madonna videos!

Because last night, at that same dinner party, we watched my Papa don’t preach video, and I almost laughed my socks off. Again. Those lighthearted dress-ups, revisiting the 80s Madonna history, are a joy to watch, and to make.

So stay tuned for more on those! I post three Madonna videos a week


38_0004Gym & Wellness 03 Be Gentle to yourself

These are the final sticky men schedules. Each class has a theme, derived from the Crazy Sexy Love Cards I ve used throughout this year. The third week is Be Gentle to yourself

01 hatha yoga & 02 vinyasa yoga  
03 crow playtime & 04 neckstretch & 05 Inversions

closing thought: card Be gentle with yourself

Madonna Yoga videos
~Free Home Yoga Program

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014 Dress you up – Let’s linger here flexibility series   
015 Live to tell – Core XL

016 Papa don’t preach – Yoga for Fertility

bonus video:
video with me cuddling with my cat Max 

There are 16 videos available, from the first three Madonna albums.
Check the playlist here 
Just select the description/ title that appeals to you.
This week I will post more titles from the True Blue album.

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

Ik geef :
studio lessen in Nijmegen

Mail me als je vragen hebt of als ik je kan helpen met je inschrijving:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.

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