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by Suzanne L. Beenackers

With my current feast on free webinars, YouTube channels, workbooks, how-to lists, 6 steps to a six figure income, and so on, I forgot which mentor brought this term up. But turns out, it’s actually a real word:

The compulsion to compare one’s accomplishments to another’s to determine relative importance, etc.

Now first of all, comparisonitis (from a business point of view) has two diametrically opposing forms, but both can keep you stuck. Let me break this down.

The first, and most common form of comparisonitis from a business perspective is to compare your prices with others offering the same service. So, let’s say I compare all yoga fees in Nijmegen, and then deciding my worth based on that. To know the fees in the market has long been thought of as a best practice when it came to pricing. But not anymore. Unless you want to be a price competitor, you have no business knowing other people’s prices. First of all you (and your clients) are much better off if you charge for what your work is worth, what problem you’re fixing . But especially in industries where the majority of the professionals is female, comparing prices automatically sets you up  for undercharging because you’re basing your price on the cumulative money blocks and pricing issues of all your peers.
“Don’t base your net worth on someone else’s self worth,” Denise Duffield Thomas always says.
So that’s the first form of comparisonitis that you do not want to have: don’t compare your prices to others in the same market (again: unless you want to compete on price)

Click here for an extremely funny video from Denise on how women sell versus how women sell. It illustrates the countless issues and negative thoughts that come up for “us” before we sell (or set a price).

And here’s a sweet six minute Tara Stiles interview if all this money talk is stressing you out! 😉

Now that everybody is served, let’s continue.

The second form of comparisonitis is when you compare yourself to people who do better, make more money, are thinner and so on.

Having an academic degree from a time when companies were eager to hire you after graduation, yet “ending up” a yoga teacher, keeping a lit on this type of comparisonitis, has always been essential for my self-preservation. If I would start comparing myself to people who made more money their first year on a contract than I made in my 14th as a freelancer, I would never be content with what I accomplished.

But recently a new type of comparisonitis has surfaced: to women entrepreneurs who work in similar professions as I do, but make 10 K months. In twenty hours a week. With a team and raising 5 kids. Now I find having to hire a team about as undesirable as having 5 kids, but the idea of making a small banker salary teaching yoga, or even having a baseline income (love that word!) certainly appealed to me! And they had done it. So apparently it could be done. In twenty hours, with a team and five kids even…
People with the same profession, were doing really well. And I wasn’t.

There are two thoughts that helped me to get past this second form of comparisonitis.

First: To let it inspire
Thanks to internet I know it can be done! Until a week ago, I had no idea this level of success even existed. And thanks to the online presence of many business coaches and their generosity to share so much for free, I can effortlessly tap into the systems they use, take example from the mindset they have and find ways to grow my own business. Inspiration to take your business to the next level, and the marketing tools to do it, are readily available. “Finding things out for yourself” is nowhere near as complicated now, as it was ten years ago! And at no cost even.

Secondly: Thank God this is my challenge.
Imagine all the things that could have gone wrong, all the problems that could have required fixing, think of all the chronic life long struggles, or problematic relationships that you could possibly have in life. Then how would you respond when life handed you the card:
“You re a yoga teacher with a degree in business management. You re not making enough money. Go fix that.”
Pretty awesome right? Definitely better than the ones ending up with: “Go to jail, you don’t pass Start, you don’t receive $20.00” or other real life challenges even Monopoly didn’t want in their game because it would get too grim.

Getting the Universe’s urgent assignment to do better, is probably not even a real challenge because I love “playing yoga studio”, as I affectionately name it. The discomfort of comparisonitis, when stumbling upon those making more money, was a misinterpretation. It was merely the Universe showing me it can be done, and sending me an invitation to step up my game!

If the Universe has been sending you similar assignments to re-align your business, and you re looking for inspiration, follow my Facebook page Fe/male Entrepreneurs Nijmegen.
I share at least one webinar or link of every coach I find inspiring, and once you get into their mailing system or check out their YouTube you can start doing your own studying 😉

And there was a third thought that was comforting, every time I checked my account balance and realized I had let’s call it “room for improvement”:

“But I do make Madonna yoga videos. And they totally rock!”

Madonna Yoga videos
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I made 19 videos, based on the first three Madonna albums.
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This week I will post the final title from the True Blue album & move on to a Madonna movie Soundtrack that came right after this album.

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