Accept compliments

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Yesterday I was at a café and was served by the most gorgeous looking girl; she had round Marilyn Monroe like features, and almond shaped eyes, slightly tilted to a cat-like expression. I made sure to tell her this before I left. She said thank you, and we had a little chat. It was really nice.

This is because giving compliments feels just as good as getting it. You immediately get into this higher energy of wonder and appreciation. By giving more compliments, you start to focus on what you appreciate instead of what you don’t like, which will immediately impact your overall sense of well-being.

Until one day, just like me, you just can’t be bothered with things you don’t like, and start seeing mermaids everywhere. Even at your local cafe around the corner.

Yoga Replay

This week I m creating a crossover between what we did last week in class plus this replay from a schedule I made earlier this year:
M Yoga 15 The AM Work Week 
5 short morning routines or combined to 1 longer
M Yoga 16 The PM Work Week 
5 short evening routines or combined to 1 longer

I haven’t made new Madonna videos yet, my phone was broken. But I did buy a new one with a higher resolution in selfie-mode, so I think the new videos will turn out great.

I made 20 videos, based on the first three Madonna albums.
Check all 20 Madonna yoga videos here 
Just select the description/ title that appeals to you.

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

Ik geef :
studio lessen in Nijmegen

Mail me als je vragen hebt of als ik je kan helpen met je inschrijving:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.

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