Finish 2016 Strong; Breathe Deeply

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

7 Weeks from now it will be Sunday January 1. This really is the final lap of the year. Which project would you like to finish this year? How would you like 2016 to end?

Finish Strong

travelingtogetherI’ve done some treasure diving this week, and came up with a special treat for my Dutch readers; a 8 week program to finish this year strong. I will unlock a new class every Wednesday on;
M Yoga Facebook page
M Yoga Twitter  
Or you can subscribe to this blog and get them every Sunday.

KLIK HIER voor Breathe Deeply
les 1 van het Nederlandstalige eindejaars programma.
62 minuten, rustige yogales

They’re classified links, so the classes or playlists cannot be found on my YouTube directly.


I’m working on my 2017 Program. I will make it official December 1st. I ve got some juicy ideas, that I will ponder on for another week because it turns all my plans completely upside down! 🙂

Meanwhile, I m still very interested how we can make 2017 your best year ever
Just shoot me an email if you like to contribute;
1. What is your dream project, or dream life?
That thing you really want to do, or experience, but never seem to get around to.
2. What is your biggest challenge?
What keeps you stuck, and would mean the world to you to get this out of the way.

mail to Suzanne M Yoga at;

espress-yourself-1004869_10152321570269402_441791344_nExpress Yourself

I m posting three Madonna yoga videos a week, and together they are a longer practice. So on Monday, Wednesday, Friday you get the new videos as a YouTube subscriber, and every Sunday I will give you an overview and supply a master schedule as well.

A master schedule is a tool yoga teachers use & you can use it for your home practice. Especially if you’ve watched the video first, the master schedule gives you the opportunity to have a home yoga practice without using videos.

So print your master schedule Express Yourself before you begin, and the rest of the week you can do yoga without the videos.

027 Express Yourself – expressive hatha yoga 13’19”
028 Cherish – lunar yoga 7’33”
029 Keep it Together – strong yoga 8’54”

New Madonna yoga playlist Spotify
Who’s that girl/ Like a Prayer

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

De website vertelt je hoe je het leven van je dromen kunt bereiken met yoga, en bied je twee keuzes om met yoga te beginnen. De 8 weekse introductie packages of een individuele workshop.

Het Premium aanbod staat nog niet online, maar je kunt je inschrijven via deze classified link. Deze voorinschrijving verdwijnt uiterlijk 1 december, daarna kun je een inschrijfpagina vinden via M Yoga

Mail me als je vragen hebt of om je in te schrijven:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.



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