Finish 2016 Strong; Start Bullet Journaling

If you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.
Benjamin Franklin

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

This is the last Sunday you will get this email. Because it’s the last Sunday that’s going to be a workday for me. Starting next week you’ll get my blog every Tuesday.

I have created 48 hours off at the weekend, and 24 hours off midweek. This final hack (I ll spare you the details) was made only yesterday, and it was an epiphany moment. Especially since I realized I would never have established this amazing schedule, carving and polishing and refining relentlessly these last few weeks, if I hadn’t gotten involved in something I only used for a minimum amount of time; a bullet journal.

The Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is one notebook (or ringbinder, Filofax, Midori travelers notebook etc) containing all your lists, all your planning, your habit trackers, your appointments, your notes, your business ideas, your shopping lists. You get the idea. It’s EVERYTHING.

My very first bullet journal lasted for about 24 hours. Then I realized this didn’t have “it” and I moved into a leather bound journal I had lying around here. Because I had practiced in the first bullet journal for 24 hours, I knew what I liked and didn’t like. So this time I divided the journal into 4 different sections, corresponding with the four compartments of paper that had been present in this leather bound journal anyway. These were my sections:
– private lists & habit trackers
– business
– planning
– notes

If you want more info on creating a bullet journal with different compartments (= 3-4 smaller notebooks in one bind), then check “Midori Bullet Journal”. Or YouTube for Faux Dori and Happiedori for fun DIY ways to create a travelers notebook. I also recommend this if you have used leather notebooks or journals, and want to reuse the cover! The Midori will give you an idea of how to make a refillable leather cover out of your old leather notebook.

So I had my four compartment bullet journal – but I was only using two of them;
my daily planning and business compartment. And they soon became gruesomely messy. So I started a lose leaf binder binder and threw all my business notes in there – ripping the page out the moment the tasks were done or the notes had become obsolete. And for my daily planning I started using a 200 page A5 ivory leaf Hema notebook, going through it at 1-2 whole pages a day, and about 4-6 a week on, you may have guessed it;
a constantly improving weekly planning.

Whenever I felt overworked, stressed out, when I couldn’t sleep because I had spent till late completing a task, or I was simply haunted by new ideas when I wanted to sleep, I went through the days I had made. And realized I had every reason to feel like that. That I had put so many things on my plate that I had created an unsustainable workload.
So I cancelled classes and projects, slimmed down my offering, and got very realistic about how much my time was worth.

Slowly, and over the course of months, the workload became manageable, and started fitting into the schedules I was creating. I no longer tried to muscle through big projects, which had made me feel like I was in some sort of emergency mode all the time.

The original Bullet Journal got abandoned, but two smaller ones sprung from it. I started jotting my hour registration in a gorgeous little self-care notebook (so that I don’t work too hard). And started an Inspiration Journal, that I am slowly filling (in my newly found free time!) taking notes from inspiring videos and by migrating the earlier quotes and notes from the bullet journal, in the new designated notebook.

And in the upcoming weeks I plan on migrating my wishlists and other personal stuff, into my now barely used Filofax, and making cute page dividers! Just like Boho Berry did for her lose leaf Bullet Journal, that she started November 1.

I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.
Pablo Picasso

So with the original bullet journal abandoned, and divided up even further from four sections into 6 different notebooks and binders, I never considered myself a successful Bullet Journalist. But what I didn’t realized was that I could never have gotten where I am today, nor have the weekends off, and all my tasks nicely lined up for me in the weeks ahead, if I hadn’t started. Just like my first 24h journal, this whole process was essential to come to where I am today. Even if that is so far from the real bullet journal method, it helped me to perfect and optimized what I find important. And what I m interested in.

The year is almost coming to an end, and I think if you consider learning how to Bullet Journal, this is the best time. Just use a cheap notebook, and set it up for the weeks ahead. By the time it’s Christmas, you’ll have gone through the first phase of your adventure and will know exactly how you want to set up 2017. And buy yourself an amazing new journal for 2017.

I still have Boho Berry videos with every meal, and am currently totally addicted to a sweet Belgium Girl making all kinds of journals from ordinary office materials.

Because once you have the bullet journal, and journaling virus, you’re hooked.
And it’s better than Netflix.

You might also like these links:
– the site from the original Bullet Journal
Boho Berry Bullet Journaling Course
Bullet Journaling for Families (guestpost on Boho Berry blog)
short DIY Midori inspired travelers notebook video


Finish Strong

travelingtogetherI’ve done some treasure diving this week, and came up with a special treat for my Dutch readers; a 8 week program to finish this year strong. I will unlock a new class every Wednesday on;
M Yoga Facebook page
M Yoga Twitter  
Or you can subscribe to this blog and get them every Tuesday.

KLIK HIER voor Listen to your body
les 2 van het Nederlandstalige eindejaars programma.
42 minuten

They’re classified links, so the classes or playlists cannot be found on my YouTube directly.

Crown Year 1990

I m posting three Madonna yoga videos a week, and together they are a longer practice. So on Monday, Wednesday, Friday you get the new videos as a YouTube subscriber, and every Tuesday I will give you an overview and supply a master schedule as well.

A master schedule is a tool yoga teachers use & you can use it for your home practice. Especially if you’ve watched the video first, the master schedule gives you the opportunity to have a home yoga practice without using videos.

So print your master schedule 1990 before you begin, and the rest of the week you can do yoga without the videos.

030 Vogue – includes my newly invented vogue pose!
031 Hanky Panky – let me whip your ass a bit 😉
032 Justify my Love

Bad Girl – Madonna yoga playlist


I’m working on my 2017 Program. I will make it official December 1st. I ve got some juicy ideas, that I will ponder on for another week because it turns all my plans completely upside down! 🙂

Meanwhile, I m still very interested how we can make 2017 your best year ever
Just shoot me an email if you like to contribute;
1. What is your dream project, or dream life?
That thing you really want to do, or experience, but never seem to get around to.
2. What is your biggest challenge?
What keeps you stuck, and would mean the world to you to get this out of the way.

mail to Suzanne M Yoga at;

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

De website vertelt je hoe je het leven van je dromen kunt bereiken met yoga, en bied je twee keuzes om met yoga te beginnen. De 8 weekse introductie packages of een individuele workshop.

Het Premium aanbod staat nog niet online, maar je kunt je inschrijven via deze classified link. Deze voorinschrijving verdwijnt uiterlijk 1 december, daarna kun je een inschrijfpagina vinden via M Yoga

Mail me als je vragen hebt of om je in te schrijven:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.

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