Finish 2016 Strong; Things You Love

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

I’m still STOKED (oh this word needs capitals, right?) about my decision to make these last weeks count, and try-out new planning tools for the next year. This way my set-up for 2017 will be confident in January.

I find at least one perfect planning system every 48 hours. Or at least one perfect aspect to it.

I found a five pound planner by Danielle Laporte – with a daily/weekly/annual focus on how you want to feel. This is the only calendar I m linking – the others are not available through Dutch retailers.
So next to that, I saw a video review from the 2017 Ashley Shelly planner. It had a monthly spread; with five things that create happiness and that you’d like to do more this month. I thought that was awesome – to focus more on what you want to do (how you want to spend your time) and a little less on goal setting and tasks.
I discovered two other calendars (not counting one super spiffy one that turned out to have bible verses in it) that combine journaling and a 2017 calendar;
– The Happiness Planner (USA)
– Hello Day Planner (UK)
You should be able to find them on YouTube or Google.

But yesterday I truly hit the jackpot!

I found a system called The Passion Planner. It’s both a gorgeous notebook style planner but it also has a FREE pdf version. In exchange for sharing The Passion Planner on social media you can download the academic year planner or a blank planner, A4 or compact, and sheets for notes or other tracking systems.

Click here  receive the free downloads from Passion Planner

On YouTube you can find ways to use Passion Planner, but unfortunately they all work with the notebook pret-a-porter Passion Planner. I think the real value of this system, is that the pdf’s allow you to print out your own A4 or compact Passion Planner, and personalize it with extra sheets in between for your lists and projects, or challenges that you want to keep track of.

Or, as I intend to set it up for December, you can insert your version of Ashley Shelley’s month spread into your Passion Planner at the beginning of every month.

Thursday it’s the first of December.
So on behalf of the Ashley Shelley planner company;
What’s your word or mantra for the month?
What creates happiness in your life and would you like to do more this month?
What do you want to create?
What are the routines and habits that help you create your best days?
(don’t forget to make a habit tracker!)
Personal Goals this month (3)

Not all of us are addicted to planning, but each and every one of us, can benefit from knowing what makes you feel good, and inserting a whole lot more of that this December.

And that really doesn’t have to weigh 5 pounds.

Finish Strong

Dutch 8 week program to finish this year strong.
I will unlock a new class every Wednesday on;
M Yoga Facebook page
M Yoga Twitter  
Or you can subscribe to this blog and get them every Tuesday.

KLIK HIER voor Be Gentle With Yourself 
les 3 van het Nederlandstalige eindejaars programma.
66 minuten

They’re classified links, so the classes or playlists cannot be found on my YouTube directly.


I’m working on my 2017 Program. I will make it official December 1st. I ve got some juicy ideas, that I will ponder on for another week because it turns all my plans completely upside down! 🙂

Meanwhile, I m still very interested how we can make 2017 your best year ever
Just shoot me an email if you like to contribute;
1. What is your dream project, or dream life?
That thing you really want to do, or experience, but never seem to get around to.
2. What is your biggest challenge?
What keeps you stuck, and would mean the world to you to get this out of the way.

mail to Suzanne M Yoga at;

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

De website vertelt je hoe je het leven van je dromen kunt bereiken met yoga, en bied je twee keuzes om met yoga te beginnen. De 8 weekse introductie packages of een individuele workshop.

Mail me als je vragen hebt of om je in te schrijven:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.


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