Finish Strong; 17 Before 17

journaldiarieskimsbulletjournalby Suzanne L. Beenackers

o Replace two buttons.
o Finish an erotic story.
o Send a letter to my accountant.

When I created the list of things I want to finish in 2016, I came to about ten. Obviously with room to expand it to 17 tasks.

Some to-dos were small, yet I was sure I would drag them into the next year if I didn’t do anything about it. Others were daunting, because I failed so many times in the past. And yet I know it’s not the number of hours that’s going to cost to get the job done, that’s the biggest problems. It’s something else.

Take the smallest step

Fear of failing is number one cause of procrastination. So instead of making myself “just do it”, I broke my to-dos down to the smallest steps imaginable. Thus I created a new list with 10 infinitely small steps.
o select two buttons
o reread erotic story so far
o photocopy 4 sheets for accountant
The steps are so small I cannot fail.

And for every task I have done, I tag it off, and make it a rolling to-do list, placing the next smallest step at the bottom.

If you need more inspiration on selecting your 17 projects you can click here for the Boho Berry post; 17 Before 17.


finish-strong-5Finish Strong

Dutch 8 week program to finish this year strong.
I will unlock a new class every Wednesday on;
M Yoga Facebook page
M Yoga Twitter  
Or you can subscribe to this blog and get them every Tuesday.

KLIK HIER voor Fire Starter 2  
les 5 van het Nederlandstalige eindejaars programma.
49 minuten

They’re classified links, so the classes or playlists cannot be found on my YouTube directly.

dfdd896d3fee35798b8a0cf6647aeb0fErotica – part 1

I ve arrived at my favorite Madonna era; the Erotica album. From its predecessor in 1990 Justify my Love, to the latest “Erotica” single, which was in 1995! I ll cover that one next week, as closing track of part 2.

In the videos I give an explanation why this album was my single most important influence. Without Madonna’s turbulent early 90s record, there wouldn’t be the Suzanne as we know her today.

I m posting three Madonna yoga videos a week, and together they are a longer practice. So on Monday, Wednesday, Friday you get the new videos as a YouTube subscriber, and every Tuesday I will give you this overview and supply a master schedule as well.

Print your master schedule Erotica before you begin, and you can do yoga yourself after watching the videos only once. Unless of course you want to hear the story of Madonna’s most notorious album over and over again!

All three tracks are mellow and sweet.

036 Erotica – awakening your sexuality *makes ominous sound and wiggles fingers into camera*
037 Deeper and Deeper  – sliding deeper into the poses
038 Rain – ending with a twist

Dutch Programs/ Nederlands

De website is volledig vernieuwd!
M Yoga heeft nu een volledig uitgewerkt aanbod privélessen,
een nieuwe premiumgroep vanaf januari,
en natuurlijk de 8 weekse introductie packages

Daarnaast heb ik een pagina gemaakt met
veelgestelde vragen (FAQ)
alle gratis programma’s op een rijtje, inclusief de nieuwe cursus in dit blog vanaf januari.

Mail me als je vragen hebt of om je in te schrijven:
Of volg M Yoga op Facebook.

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