Finish Strong; Throw away life’s script and learn to dance

my inspiration for Yoga Unscripted is Meghan Currie

my inspiration for Unscripted is Meghan Currie

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

“Maybe you should delete the first paragraph.”

What?! The first paragraph?! The sentences I went through over and over, to improve them until I knew they were perfect? Not that paragraph!

And my mother would cover the first paragraph of my letter, or column (I can’t remember) with her hand and say;
“Like this.”
And just like that, the text was fresh, captivating and original. The first paragraph had been nothing more than dead weight. It had been a stage, a step in the process, to go to the next. Now that I saw it, there was no way I could see the first paragraph as being perfect. Or justifying all the extra thought I put into it.

But it took a while to get over the time lost, and to learn to see it as being in service of bringing me something bigger.

It’s the same with life in general, or reviewing 2016.

If you keep “fixing” where you think “it” (money, health, love) should come from, or if you look back at 2016 looking for generic signs this year was a success then you are basically making adjustments to the first paragraph of your life.

What if you would look at it fresh? What if someone would cover up all your preconceived ideas of success, and then you had to look for what went well? For what made you feel good. For what you could appreciate, made you stronger, kinder, more spiritual, or more whole?

The biggest thing you can take from 2016, are not the goals you achieved, nor the resolutions you kept, but everything that changed you, for the better.

Or that has the potential to do so, the moment you fricking let go of that first paragraph.


2017; Unscripted

It took me a while to understand my plans for this blog too, were nothing more than a first paragraph problem. Maybe you remember, but I intended to create a 6 month CEO Life Program; an empowerment course in my blog and Premium yoga classes in Nijmegen.

Thankfully, I soon realized that this initial plan wasn’t going to work. At that moment I still loved the idea of the CEO Life blog, but I was already convinced the CEO blog would need an antidote when people came to yoga. In my mind I called it “The Lover” or even flat out “The Pleasure Program” when I thought of my new relaxation course.

The cerebral and masculine CEO needed a feminine counter part. It needed the joy of feeling good exactly as things are. I wanted my classes to be like dates; something you highly anticipate going to, and that brings out the best in you.

That’s when I decided that my yoga classes in 2017 would be Unscripted. For the first time in my career I would let go of all schedules, all planning, and offer myself and my students the “dance” of being in the moment. Of feeling good in the now.

And just this morning I realized; that’s the true gold. That’s my true Premium program. That is the Mastership I have to offer in 2017;

How to feel good in the moment.

Not neutral. Not accept it. Or endure it.
But bask on it! Fall in love. Anticipate.

Regardless of the situation, find something you love, something you appreciate (and I did intend to offer plenty of things that could be loved!) and navigate your thoughts to the emotional waters of your choosing.

It was not the CEO that was fundamentally going change anything for anybody. It was not planning, more knowledge, or better goals. The talent I had to offer, the skill, the dating metaphor, and the gift I wanted to share, was the same thing that had been the cause of war once it lacked. And the cause of joy when it resurfaced.

What I was going to offer in 2017, was love.

Date me

I still have tons of work to do. To clear the CEO page on this blog, cancel the CEO course, delete all CEO references in the language from my website, and rewrite the rest. Yes! Tons of stuff.

Although polishing can take me up to three days, I expect to have the first version up within 24 hours.

I have one course that I can’t wait to get “back on the menu” in this new format. It’s my Monday 20.30 Vinyasa Yoga course, that didn’t make it through to the end of the year. This course will return as the flagship of positive, high energy yoga. This group will be your (and mine!) way to strengthen your happiness muscles, and to learn to stand your ground, in the midst of challenge.

It will be a Premium course and will cost €397 (just like my other Premiums). So if you have any I-owe-yous from me, or just a damn good story of why you want to get in for the old 2016 price, you have till Christmas to bribe me 😉

upcoming blog posts

Finish Strong;  8 dagen Yoga Challenge
Thursday (Dutch)

A Note from the Universe
Tuesday December 27

Start Fresh bonus package (time sensitive, 7 dagen geldig)
January 2 (Dutch)

travelingtogetherFinish Strong

Dutch 8 week program to finish this year strong. I will unlock the final two classes tomorrow on;
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Or you can subscribe to this blog and get a wrap up challenge, with all 8 classes this Thursday.

KLIK HIER voor Fire Starter 3
les 6 van het Nederlandstalige eindejaarsprogramma.
46 minuten

They’re classified links, so the classes or playlists cannot be found on my YouTube directly.

1994-andy-earl-q-uk-december-1994-2500-x-2000-2-mbErotica – part 2

I ve arrived at my favorite Madonna era; the Erotica album. From its predecessor in 1990 Justify my Love, to the latest “Erotica” single, Bedtime Story, which was in 1995!

As a YouTube subscriber get all my videos directly. The first new video will be Monday January 2. I made a cute cat video (with a little bit of tears tho) on why me and Max need a break.

Print your master schedule Bad Girl before you begin, and you can do yoga yourself after watching the videos only once.

039 Bad Girl Someone had to do it. Name all the yoga poses that look like sexual positions
040 Fever short & hot practice
041 Bedtime Story Bedtime yoga of course.

squareDutch Programs/ Nederlands

Op de website wacht een leuk cadeautje op je als je je nu inschrijft voor een premiumgroep vanaf januari, of een 8 weeks introductie package

Het kan zijn dat de nieuwe vinyasa Premium er nog niet opstaat.

Mail me als je vragen hebt of om je in te schrijven:
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stoya-taking-a-bath-and-talking-about-her-new-pay-per-scene-website-body-image-1425656872-805x1030The title of this blog was originally “Throw away life’s script and learn to direct”. Until I realized I had no room to tell what I meant by this, and dropped the whole storyline (chosing “dance” instead”).
And then forgot to change the title…

To make sure everybody receives the right link, I don’t want to mess up the URL. So I changed the title (to dance) but will tell you the story, about Unscripted yoga. And why it orignally said “learn to direct”.

Here’s the story 😉 (told with great joy!)

Calling it Unscripted yoga didn’t come from Meghan Currie (as the photo at the top may suggest). It came from my month long membership from a porn site TrenchcoatX. All videos from my “favorite” porn star Stoya (the apostrophes stand for “completely singular obsession not to be replaced by any other woman”) were announced to be Unscripted. Which proved to be an understatement. Stoya (being the 50% owner of TrenchcoatX) took a camera, which she still had to figure out how to operate, and hooked up with several male pornstars in different cities around the world. The result was something that not just lacked a script, but also lacked proper lighting, juicy camera angles (I m pretty unapologetic in my preferences!) and basically just a whole general idea about what it is they wanted to make. All videos suffered the same ailment. All except one. One that I kept watching over and over again.

It was a video with an elderly male porn star, shot in a Paris hotel room. And this video was so fascinating and perfect to me, that I didn’t rest until I knew exactly why this was so good. While all the others where not. And then I solved the riddle; HE was holding the camera. HE was directing her. He talked. He encouraged. He complimented. He took the whole thing to heights that will probably never ever be achieved again. And then I Googled him, and I learned he wasn’t “just” a porn star, like the others had been. He had shifted to directing porn decades ago, and apparently still performed as well. But he was a director!

That’s when I realized in porn; it’s never, ever, about the script. It’s not about the talent, not about the location, it’s not about the lighting or the type of camera you use. It’s about who directs it.

And it didn’t took me very long to realize that yoga and life, can be understood using exactly the same principle. But it’s up to you, to take that seat in the directors chair.

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