Inspiration 2017 & Yoga Journal Setup

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Want to uplevel your yoga in 2017?
Make it a daily habit to think positive, and to get on the mat more frequently?
Then this post is for you.

I ll give you the three ingredients to brew a successful yoga practice;
inspiration, yoga, and a journal

abundance_cards_logo02Daily Inspiration

In 2017 I ll be taking a new deck with me to class; the Notes from the Universe. This deck was released in 2016, but the Notes go way back to 1998 when it started as a daily pick-you-up email from The Universe.

To sparkle your yoga practice, or theme out your new year, you can use any inspirational card deck of your choosing, and/or become a member of the Notes of the Universe email service.

Tip for members; If you’re already a member, you may want to update your settings, and check the box Love Your Life 30 Day Project It’s something I encountered writing this blospost, and it looked like fun. It begins January first. If you checked the box anyway 😉

Notes of the Universe is the official 2017 carddeck for M Yoga, and you can now get one for free with all half year packages for M Yoga classes.

Your Practice

In order to make 2017 successful yoga wise, I recommend you give it some thought which program you’re going to do. I ll give you three options here, but naturally the possibilities are endless.

1. You can use last week’s 8 class bundle (Dutch/ Nederlands)
The eight classes consist of multiple smaller videos, so you can always pick something of your liking. And I updated the post, so it now looks extra appealing and contains cute cards!

I’m creating a new Dutch yoga bundle Start Fresh. If you sign up for any of the M Yoga classes this holiday season, you get this bundle as a bonus. It contains eight videos named after the eight classes I teach, an inversion video and a long relaxation. Start Fresh is only available to members and not sold separately. Former M Yoga members can buy it for € 29,95.

2. a 30 day challenge
Here’s ADRIENE!! Each January Adriene Mishler (or “yoga with Adriene” as everyone knows her) hosts the most popular annual free 30 day yoga challenge. You can check her YouTube channel for 2016 edition Yoga Camp,  the 2015 edition 30 Days of Yoga, or watch this video about this year’s challenge; Yoga Revolution.

my inspiration for Yoga Unscripted is Meghan Currie

my inspiration for Yoga Unscripted is Meghan Currie

3. Unscripted
Are you ready to fly? Toss aside all yoga print-outs and schedules (including your own) and get in tune with what is, and what is needed. Move from the heart, not the head. My inspiration for this type of yoga is Meghan Currie, and Unscripted it’s the style I ll be practicing and teaching, for the whole year.

A Journal

I ve had a bit of an obsession with journals and planners this year, but the moment I decided I was going to create a separate journal for yoga, I knew I meant business! 😀 A Journal is the energy of commitment.

Here are all the obvious and less obvious things I ll be collecting, logging, and journaling on.

*A to-do list for the Universe
Here’s where I put all the things I have no control over, or that would cost me a lot of money or energy to fix. For example; put my bottom front teeth in one line and heal my cat Max.
* Quotes
I ll note down inspiring quotes I encounter. Either collecting them on separate pages, or incorporate them in the daily entries. I haven’t really decided yet.
* weekly note from the Universe
I’ll select one card every week and copy that to my journal as the leading theme or thought
* yoga logging per day
I ll note down the duration of my practice, more or less what I did, and how long my practice was.

That’s it so far for the journal! Although I m sure I’ll come up with more.

I intend to film weekly or monthly flip-throughs of my yoga journal, so you’ll see how it went.

Wishing you an amazing 2017, and I ll meet you here in this blog Tuesday January 3rd.

On behalf of the Universe;
Tallyho my fellow adventurers!

See you in the new year.

M Yoga Nijmegen




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