Final Blogpost (and a gift!)


by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Today I received this daily Note from the Universe, for which you can sign up on this website;

Some things should just be done for the fun of it, Suzanne.

Not because they’re inexpensive, practical, organic, logical, fashionable, modest, brilliant, green, expected, proper, spiritual, thinning, fattening, prudent, or GMO-allergen-smoke-chemical free.

Supersize me,
    The Universe 

And it gave me the perfect opening for this blogpost, that feels a bit like a farewell note;
I’m quitting this blog.

Let it Spark Joy

When the Universe says some things should be done for the fun of it, I invite you to stretch your mind a bit. All things should be done for the fun of it. And I recommend the KonMarie solution for all that doesn’t spark joy;
Toss it.
Or, if it’s impossible to remove, simply stop paying any attention to it.

Should you immediately think of death, disease, and dental treatment;
“How are you going to get away with that one huh?”
Yes, I can. For myself personally, that is what I choose.
But for now just focus about the smaller irritations such as (your response to) the que at the grocery shop, the icky neighbor, health worries and so on.
And try out any new belief or thought you can come up with to make it fun.
Such as;
I m so grateful the supermarket is open on Sunday!
I’m so happy with my apartment!
It’s so great I get excellent dental care and have such a friendly dentist!

Fun is definitely an underrated human emotion. It’s like the Oscars where dramas are awarded yet comedies are rarely rewarded. When it’s much more difficult to make people laugh than to make them cry or to make them angry.

I invite you to become the comedian of your own life. You will be a light to others and yourself, that’s how it works.

An Unscripted Life

I m quitting this blog because I’m creating space for other things. If I continued it would stop being fun.


Your big WHY (and the HOWS are the domain of the Universe)

One of the journeys I m embarking on is an experiment called; Unscripted. This means I m no longer preparing my classes, but instead fully connect to the moment and the people in the room. In theory I was going to use the cards from the Notes of the UniverseBut yesterday I noticed that (although i ll bring them to class) I want the freedom to replace that by other lessons. The cards are beautiful and meaningful, and I ll post them weekly to Twitter and Facebook, and I may use them. But I won’t blog about them.

Instead of blogging about personal development (or Notes of the Universe) I m committed to three online projects, and I invite you to follow the ones that appeal to you;
– I m on a daily yoga quest and share my personal practice every night on Facebook and Twitter
– I’m on a daily writing quest (erotica and diaries) and share my efforts every night on the LS Harteveld Facebook and LS Harteveld Twitter under my penname.
– I m on a 51 week Madonna yoga video quest, which I will pick up, but without any obligation or consistency and do it for fun. New Madonna video’s will be posted to my YouTube

I may be doing updates on my yoga & writing challenge on this blog (every month or so), or blog overviews of my Madonna videos every 3-6 weeks. But I need a little more time to see how that all pans out.

How can I love (and help you) you more

I m still in touch with my professor from Uni. He became head of the University later on, and would often collide with other teachers.
“It’s almost like they don’t understand the reason you re here is to love students.”

That will be my number 1 guideline with everything I do in 2017; Love.

How can I bring more love to my time with you?
How can we connect more?
How can we deepen our relationship?

And although my initial focus will be the real life classes, I ve already encountered one area in which I can be of service to many women; I have the knowledge and experience to compose a new series of exercises, a new theory and maybe even a book to help women going through menopause, but really for all women any age.

The moment this idea emerged, it was like the Universe answered by sending women my way who were suffering and needed this sooner rather than later. That’s when I knew;
this is my calling. I really want to do this.

So that’s another reason I ve given up writing here; I want to document and transfer all knowledge and experience I ve acquired over the years on staying young and healthy. I m planning on having my first (Dutch) yoga bundle ready in February. I think I ll call it Stay Young, Stay Sappig (juicy) after the famous expression from Steve Jobs, Stay Young Stay Foolish.

30 Sweet gifts from the Universe for 2017

I ve already mentioned the Notes from the Universe carddeck, and their daily email service, but there is a third option. This is the best option if you’re into journaling, bullet journaling, diary writing or creating vision boards. It really allows you to design your life this year as you go, on moments you sit down for it. (without having to sign up for anyting)

It’s called the Love Your Life 30 Day Project  The link will take you to a YouTube playlist.

Instead of doing it 30 days in a row, I would suggest buying a beautiful journal (or incorporating it into your diary or bullet journal of course) and once a week or so, just sit down and take your time to enjoy your time with the Universe.

That was it! Goodbye for now. I ll be back sharing my 2017 updates or perhaps new things that I don’t know anything about yet. That’s the fun of leaving life Unscripted 😉



Studio (Dutch)

Naar de site met de lessen bij Marieke en op de Hazenkamp.

Naar de Premium site met kleine groepjes, nieuwe lessen & persoonlijke kennismaking (ik trakteer 😉

Informatie pagina Start Fresh bundel, online lessen voor 2017


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