I’m back! Daily YouTube, new diary, and more Meghan

I ve restyled my whole bizz and can give you the best of both worlds.
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I m holding a small inquiry for our summer courses.
So that means that basically you get to decide what we’re gonna do.

That’s all for now, and have fun!

~ Suzanne
M Yoga Nijmegen

May = Meghan!

This month I ll be doing something I ve been wanting to do for a long time:
go though all free Meghan Currie videos and let them inspire my class.

You can check my playlist The Meghan Currie Project on YouTube.

But the first week I m doing two Meghan Currie videos that are only on Cody.
Full Body Simmer (vid) Illuminated Core (vid)
I combined these to sticky men schedules A + B

next week at the studio I m inspired by a Meghan YouTube video:
30-Minute Mindful Vinyasa (vid)
schedule sticky men

YouTube videos

to YouTube channel
all madonna yoga videos so far  

I’ve added three videos, they’re all about 30 minutes long:
050 M Yoga – Sanctuary | Yoga for anxiety (Bedtime Yoga incl Savasana, relaxation)  
051 M Yoga – Take a Bow | Classical Yoga incl Savasana, relaxation 
052 M Yoga – You’ll See | Vinyasa Power Yoga incl Savasana, relaxation

LS Harteveld (English)

LS Harteveld writing is more often than not not suitable for work, contains trigger words and so on.


Big – erotica and diaries. Part 4 and 5: The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai and More Erotica

Are you a Narcissist? (TEST)

new diary:


Confessions of a Yoga Teacher – YouTube 

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher – Gay 


LS Harteveld – White Tigress (English)

Why the White Tigress path is the winning streak for all women high on the narcissist scale

Madonna Yoga Playlist Spotify

Confessions of an American Life


Go with the flow, het is nou eenmaal zo.

ALLE smaken even lekker | sticky poppetjes | YouTube nieuws | nieuwe soundtrack

Witte Tijgerin – nieuw blog door LS Harteveld

Witte Tijgerin – seksueel meesterschap voor solitaire vrouwen
aflevering 1 Ben jij een tijgerin?   
aflevering 2 De Partners van de Witte Tijgerin

Wat wil jij deze zomer doen?

In juli en augustus geef ik een Summer Intensive.
Dit is een serie van 7 lessen, in juli en augustus.
Aan jou de vraag wat daar in moet zitten.
Wat is nou echt een onderwerp waarvan je zegt:

Ik ben voornemens om zoveel mogelijk wensen te honoreren.

Laat je het me weten?
email Suzanne

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~Suzanne/ LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living


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