Live Your Dreams

I swear!
I was going to write a blog JUST containing all the free content I ve created for you, and add the summer program for my studio in Nijmegen.
This was going to be fast and functional.
Until I made a draft, using a copy of the last post, and I saw Carrie Bradshaw’s photo.
That’s when I remembered!
I had decided that this was how I was going to see myself. As a writer.
I immediately felt slightly uncomfortable. As if I had made a promise I had not kept. But I brushed it aside and focused on finding a new Carrie pic to go with this new post. This post could still be a quickie.

I looked for a new photo to upload and BAM! There it was. A picture of her and Big. Even though I Googled for “Carrie Bradshaw writer” and not “Carrie Bradshaw, love of her life passionate girl, absolute toast, will cry a lot over him, DAMN HE S THE ONE!”
I didn’t Google that.
Just Carrie Bradshaw writer.

Suddenly I realized how precious my lover was, and how fragile my writer status. The ONLY time I write for my LS Harteveld ego, is when I’m moved, shaken, or over the moon, from being romantically involved.
Even this week, when I write non-stop about my very VERY best friend Marieke migrating?
It’s emotional.
It’s heartbreaking.
And I am absolutely clueless how to live my life after she leaves.
All blog posts I write about Marieke are in Dutch, and I publish them at my yoga site.

My LS Harteveld material is dark and provocative. It raises questions, instead of answering them. It’s directly linked to using English as my main language, and to my secret affair with Mister Big, and everything R-rated that comes out of that.
It’s also the first thing I drop in favor of being consistent making yoga videos, being consistent writing Dutch columns, being consistent keeping my yoga offerings up to date.
But no more!

My task as a yoga teacher is to teach amazing classes. Which, coincidentally, I do.
You can check my summer offer for Nijmegen HERE

When I look at that picture of Mister Big and Carrie, I know who I am. A writer. An English writer. And Carrie may have a good time teaching yoga classes at night, but that’s not who she really is. She may have a good time writing Dutch yoga columns, but that is not who she is either.
It’s not the thing that, on her death bed, will make the difference, between a fulfilled life and failure. Between having tried and having excuses.

What matters when all things end is that man standing right next to her, and every little snippet she ever got to write about it.
Nothing more.
But certainly, nothing less.

~ LS Harteveld
An unexamined Life is not worth living

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An unexamined life is not worth living


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