Hello, New Yoga Challenge. Join me!

Last year, I did one of those

And I couldn’t quit because I was posting yoga videos for 30 days straight. I called it
The Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 30 Day Yoga Challenge

For 30 days I created these easy to follow along small videos on YouTube. Day 30 was on a Friday, on the final day of the four day walking event de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse.
This is the largest walking event in the world. For four days straight, the hikers walk 30 kilometers (seniors and children), 40 (women) or 50 (men).
These are general guidelines, you’re not obliged to choose a designated distance, but I won’t bother you with the details.

This international walking event, has also grown into a week long party where people from all over the Netherlands come to Nijmegen to party. There is a 7 day program of music at countless street corners and in hundreds of bars.

The event is in the middle of Summer, and just imagine – Nijmegen is located near the river!
The city is actually surrounded by nature and water and the river offers countless lovely beach strips on either side. This year there is a new body of water, located immediately next to the river.
It’s to facilitate spillover, but it also offers a safe place to take a swim.
This year is the first Vierdaagse this extra lake is open, and it will definitely ad to the joy.

So last year, I had a real build up towards the Vierdaagse – creating a video a day.
And what I learned from this experience is that the Vierdaagse week is even better, if you’ve had that build up. If you started looking forward to it, a month in advance.

So YES! I will do another 30 challenge!
If not a little more private this year.
But you can still join, and make it your own.

First of all, there is last year’s
Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 30 Day Yoga Challenge
on my YouTube
Like I said, it’s easy to follow along and if you start on Thursday June 22
your final day is Friday July 21

I’m going on a 30 day Ashtanga yoga challenge;
for thirty days I ll do 30 minutes of Ashtanga yoga.
I usually advertise this yoga as the one-stop shopping to a GYM FREE body!
If you live in Nijmegen you can find more about my 7 week Ashtanga course HERE
Once you’ve build your Ashtanga practice, you don’t need to;
go to the gym,

A thirty minute Ashtanga practice every day will last you the rest of your life.

You can try this 30 minute David Swenson Ashtanga practice on YouTube.
And should grow tired of that, the full Primary Series (start at minute 3) is also available.

Next week, is our final week before the holiday season.
Some of you will take a break, and I look forward to seeing you back in September.

If you stay in Nijmegen, and like to treat yourself on a summer course, I ve got several offers;
the 7 week Ashtanga yoga intensive
sudderyoga en chakra’s op dinsdagavond
zomeraanbod voor terugkerende leden  

I wish you an amazing summer, wherever you are, or go, or whatever you practice.
And hope our paths keep crossing, digitally or otherwise.

~Suzanne/ LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living

LS Harteveld/ English

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And I wrote a controversial Note on my White Tigress page, taking a firm stand against the current trend to demonize men as potential rapists.

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~Suzanne/ LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living


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