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Hello my dear English reader!

I ve waited so long to send you this update, that I ultimately decided to make two newsletters;
One Dutch, one English.
I split it in half – just like my personality! Yoga teacher by day, erotica writer by night. You’re speaking to the latter, in case you wondered.
Did you?

I neglected my new diary Reboot for weeks, but when I picked it up, it went fast! Even though, technically, I had little to write about. Chapter titles included things like “The Drought” so go tell. But Mr.Big did make his appearance, and ultimately a writer lives of the riches of his inner world not the outer.

I wrote the first part of Reboot, inspired by the movie Atomic Blonde. I’m now switching to part 2, which will be inspired by a diary of an escort I’m reading
Charlotte Shane – Prostitute Laundry
On a side note; you can only get this book on Amazon America or on her website. And today I received some bad news that unless I come up with a genius trick, or give exactly the right person in Dutch retail/wholesale a blowjob so good I could go professional myself (providing it’s a man even…) my 10 books will share the same fate.
Limited distribution.
Not available at Dutch retailers.
Not on Amazon UK.
No sales at the largest Dutch online store.
Because apparently my international publisher cannot provide access to these basic Dutch outlets. I just discovered that today, and it’s a huge setback. But the thought that my new idol, Charlotte Shane, is doing well and she has limited distribution too, is strengthening.
Anyway, this book Prostitute Laundry has got more action on two pages than my book would have cover to cover if things continue like they did today. The most exciting thing that happened was that I dropped a jar of melted coconut oil, which took me 45 minutes to clean.
But Charlotte not just has a lot of “action” (that’s a euphemism, obviously) she’s also an amazing writer, and a she makes so many interesting observations regarding her own motivations, that the book ended up covered in sticky notes to mark all the brilliant quotes without doing the book harm.
In the upcoming weeks my diary Reboot will be inspired by Charlotte Shanes vivacious life, her spot on observations and hopefully some action of my own.
But it takes two to tango. Not just a split personality.

~Suzanne/ LS Harteveld
An unexamined life is not worth living

LS Harteveld/ English

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher – The real reason The Good Mistress died on me

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher; A Brief History of Sex 

Reboot episode 3: Reinvention

Reboot. Episode 4 Forces of Nature

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White Tigress yoga {free}

cover White TigressI’ve started writing my new book;
White Tigress
Yoga & Lifestyle guide
for solitary women
who want an amazing sex life
and plenty of energy

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Week 1 White Tigress yoga

yoga music for at home 

Pop Quiz playlists are about an hour.

Crazy Autumn Pop Quiz Yoga
Music Pop Quiz yoga (Joep)
Music Pop Quiz Yoga (Dana)
Music Pop Quiz Yoga (Inga) 

{Ook meedoen met Pop Quiz yoga? To join Pop Quiz Yoga Nijmegen click here.
Het maken van een playlist is niet verplicht. Dat kan juf ook zelf.}

30 minute Madonna playlist for home yoga (new project);
week 1. 30 minutes yoga list Madonna- Madonna (1983)

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