“Let the past die. Kill it if you must.” After 6 years I m quitting this blog

The happy end M Yoga International didn’t get. Big and Carrie finally together in Paris at the end of season 6.

As a writer, I would loved to have given you a happy ending.
If there is anything I despise it’s an open ending, or a movie that stops with someone closing the door of a spaceship on her love interest and having to wait two years for the next episode.
Which is by the way where the title of this blog post came from, Let the past die.
From Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi.
It was said by bad guy Kylo Ren, so we can only assume Disney thinks it is bad advice to kill the past. But I have enough reasons take it.
And all those reasons were initially neatly laid out in this blogpost, but unfortunately it ended in me swearing so much that you’ll just have to take my word for it that things are better this way.
For everybody.

All M Yoga YouTube content, posts for M Yoga International, and the Dutch M Yoga blog will be deleted or saved in a moderated form if I can transfer it to my LS Harteveld outlets.
That would be cool.

If you insist – and I hope you do! – you will be able to keep following my work, so there is no need to panic. Just that after an hour of writing, deleting and swearing, I m obviously incapable of explaining my motivation without becoming unpleasant.

Here’s your invitation to follow my work;


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A New Hope

“Leia said hope is like the sun.
If you can only believe it if you see it, you will never make it through the night.”

I m not sure what my yoga website or my offer for the yoga studio will look like.
I m strongly considering taking the Inner Circles offline and making them invitation-only.
If you are considering joining, now is the time.
You can find all class times and classes here, including the Inner Circles;
overzicht groepen en tijden.

May the Force be with you.

M Yoga Nijmegen

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