21 Weeks Yoga with Adriene

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Yoga with Adriene (this is Adriene)

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Once every while I just burst with excitement! When I have found a new yoga teacher, yoga channel or when I commit to a challenge. And when those things happen at the same time, I just can’t wait to start doing something special with it.

Like in 2011, when I had bought Tara Stiles’ first yoga book. I wanted to study and experience it in depth and launched my first yoga blog 21 Weeks with Tara Stiles
I used 21 series of the book (only skipping remedial yoga), one for every week, and practiced every day. It became a practice in every way: I learned how work wordpress, upload drawings, and I selected matching videos. I sometimes struggled with my practice, when the sequences varied from a carefree 6 minutes to “come on Tara, nobody stays 2 minutes in plank” and eternities in yin yoga poses. But still: I liked having a beacon- something to guide me.

Last Summer I discovered Yoga with Adriene: a yoga channel with professional videos of easy to follow vinyasa yoga. And like Tara, Adriene is a joy to get your teachings from.
In December she announced a 30 day yoga challenge this year, uploading a video a day in January.
And they’re brilliant.
And I can’t wait to share.
So now I will.


Suzanne Beenackers
M Yoga, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

Day 1 Ease into it                        35 minutes        pdf day 1
Day 2 Stretch & Soothe             33 minutes         pdf day 2
Day 3 Forget what you know    23 minutes        pdf day 3
Day 4 Yoga for your Back          20 minutes        pdf day 4
Day 5 Feel Alive Flow                  16 minutes        pdf day 5
Day 6 Six Pack Abs                      17 minutes        pdf day 6
Day 7 Total Body Yoga               30 minutes        pdf day 7
Day 8 Yoga for Healing and Meditation         28 minutes      pdf day 8
Day 9 Full Potential Detox Practice  26 minutes       pdf day 9 
Day 10 Sun Salutations 12 minutes   no pdf
Day 11 Yoga with Adriene  Shakti Yoga Practice  30 minutes pdf day 11
Day 12 Yoga for Spinal Health  12 minutes  pdf 12
Day 13 Endurance and Ease  25 minutes  pdf 13
Day 14 Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout  16 minutes pdf day 14 
Day 15 Half Hour Half Moon Practice  29 minutes pdf day 15
Day 16 Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga 14 minutes pdf day 16
Day 17 Happiness Boost Yoga 34 minutes  pdf day 17
Day 18 Wonder Yoga 21 minutes  pdf day 18
Day 19 Breath & Body Practice  21 minutes   pdf day 19 
Day 20 Heart Practice 27 minutes    pdf day 20
Day 21 Joyful Home Practice 32 minutes pdf day 21
Day 22 Full Body Awareness  23 minutes pdf day 22
Day 23 Freedom and Forgiveness  23 minutes  pdf 23
Day 24 Gentle Yummy Yoga     19 minutes    pdf day 24 
Day 25 Dancing Warrior          12 minutes        pdf day 25
Day 26 Earth Practice Total body Yoga 23 minutes  pdf day 26
Day 27 Flexible Fearless and Fun 16 minutes  pdf day 27 

Day 28 Playful Yoga Practice 19 minutes pdf day 28
Day 29 Sweet Surrender 17 minutes  pdf day 29
Day 30 Find What Feels Good 21 minutes pdf 1 pdf 2 

Don’t forget to sign up for Adriene’s You Tube Channel & Adriene’s weekly letter.

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