Crazy Sexy 2016


9200000037499728Get ready for 52 weeks of yoga, free videos & sweet love notes from your inner self ❤

After years of blogging about yoga, personal development, and teaching yoga in conjunction with videos from inspiring teachers such as Tara Stiles and Yoga with Adriene, this will be the year that I mush all those ingredients together and knead it to 52 little balls of yogic cookie dough. That last bit was expression of Sadie Nardini, in whose lineage I will continue teaching in 2016.

For 52 weeks I will write about a card from Crazy Sexy Love Notes, and publish it here on my blog with my own yoga video to go along with it. So that’s a weekly blog and video, complementing my classes and making it easier for you to practice at home.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you’ll join me to eat yoga cookies.
And yes, of course I realized it needed to go in the oven first 😉

Warm regards,