Rockstar Yoga

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Sadie Nardini – click for her online Rockstar Teacher Training

From September – December 2015, I will be teaching the foundations of Sadie Nardini’s core strength vinyasa yoga in ALL groups!

Sadie Nardini was the first to offer a Rockstar Teacher Training which is where I got the idea. Sadie teaches you a whole new way to move.

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Here’s just a small list of things I learned from Sadie:
to bring belly breath back to vinyasa yoga
to come up on an exhale, with a round spine and bend knees
maybe even uglying yourself up to gargoyle pose….
and then reach! Extend! Shine! On the inhale.
Exhale and …… release! Stick your tongue out! Yell HAAA!
Let. It. Go.

More things I learned:
When in doubt, order wine.
Bring red lipstick.
When twists and backbends are combined to impossible pretzel poses, shake your head in misdemeanor and state: “That is just so not my body.”

1 Rockstar Yoga class = 75 minutes

Monday 19.00 Lunar Yoga
for the recuperating Rockstar

Monday 20.30 Vinyasa *)
for experienced Rockstars 

Tuesday 19.00 Vinyasa (all levels) *)
Rockstars who need space! Big studio.

Tuesday 20.30 Classical yoga
Old school Rockstars who like to play in big venues. Large studio.

Wednesday 20.30 Lunar Yoga
For any star in need of a good night sleep.
I’ll be make-up free, wearing my glasses, and am toying with the thought to redub this class to Pajama Yoga. Good idea?

Thursday 19.00 Classical yoga
Old school Rockstars

Thursday 20.30 Beginners Vinyasa*)
So much ambition!

Friday 10.30 Classical yoga
Old school Rockstars 

*) Vinyasa yoga is sometimes referred to as power yoga. These are strong but rewarding classes, but if you re looking for “regular yoga” don’t pick them! 😉

locations: M Yoga Nijmegen Wintersoord 12-2 & Yogastudio Hazenkampseweg
Check here my schedule & rates 

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