Summer with Shiva

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I’m looking forward like crazy to teach this season; the warmest weeks of the year where we’ll have a beautiful park to teach in on hot days (when staying indoors would be a crime) and our cosy studio on all other days.

I’m teaching from my favorite Shiva Rea dvd Yoga Shakti (filmed at the beaches in Goa, India). This will be the first time I will not be following the sequences from the videos: the sticky men schedules that I ll create are a stand-alone tool, which you’ll be able to follow (for sure) if you  take the class and (hopefully) if you only have access to this blog 😉 The dvd is available worldwide and suitable for both dvd regions I and II .

Summer with Shiva
7 weeks of classes in Nijmegen & M Yoga blog
ends: Friday August 28, 2015
full schedule below

This are ALL schedules from the DVD Shiva Rea – Yoga Shakti
Basic Flow:
Standing poses and Sun Salutations
Seated Poses
Lying Poses
Solar Flow & Arm Balances
Lunar Flow & Pranayama 
Backbends & Armbalances:
Solar Flow page 1 & page 2
Lunar Flow
audio cd remedial week – Yoga Sanctuary

For the last two weeks of August I boiled down all Yoga Shakti videos to these two schedules.
M Yoga # 1 Yoga Shakti solar
M Yoga # 2 Yoga Shakti lunar
There’s a cue how to combine them by starting at Solar and then switching to the little heart 😉

You can contact me for information on early bird prices and if you’d like to sign up.

Have a great summer!



19.00 – 20.15 Lunar Yoga – relax
20.30 – 21.45 Vinyasa Power Yoga – experienced

at June 30 this class is at large studio at Hazenkampseweg 26, Nijmegen
19.00 – 20.15 Vinyasa Power Yoga  – mixed
20.30 – 21.45 Classical Hatha Yoga

19.00 – 20.15 Classical Hatha Yoga
20.30 – 21.45 Vinyasa Power Yoga  – beginners

10.30 – 11.45 Classical Hatha Yoga

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