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16/52 Risk it

by Suzanne L. Beenackers / LS Harteveld 

Do you know why Madonna is so successful? Most experts agree it’s because she works with the most successful people in their field. She has had the best managers to work with, and the best producers, even the best fitness instructors.
But right from the start, she was always the one initiating. For example: she was the one determining Nile Rodgers should produce her second album. She never allowed anyone else to plot it for her. And among the long list of ex-collaborators, there are far more bruised egos and disappointed managers, than there are people she worked with twice.

I said: right from the start.
But what I really mean is: from the start of her success.
Because in her early 20s Madonna lost 6 months of her life, in exchange for a valuable lesson. She had abandoned her dancing career and applied as a background singer for Patrick Hernandez.

This brought her to the attention of two French producers. Telling her she could be a big star, the two men flew Madonna to Paris, put her up in a posh apartment, gave her a car and a driver, and paid her so much money she didn’t know what to do with it all. The singer was there for six months total, during which time she did a little work and a lot of thinking.
(Madonna by Michel Morgan)

She left the two men to return to New York, restarted her career from scratch, now having to learn to write music herself. This time she knew what she wanted; to always stay in charge of her own career. And the rest is history.

My new path

For the past eight months I ve had the pleasure of being what I call “digitally saved”, with others making my yoga videos. In return I could do something for them, so I didn’t have to pay.
The Baby M videos they made for me are spiffy. My favorite is a bleached out filter, that made my Girlboss series so cool! The audio is flawless, which makes the videos a joy to watch.

But what we failed to recognize was that they are unable offer me what I need this year; and I will be unlikely to offer it after! It was exactly like the Madonna story: she was the one leaving them because, although they gave her everything, her career stagnated. But just imagine the chaos if her career in Paris had taken off? How long does one contain someone who is obviously destined to make it on her own, or not at all?

I don’t think I ll ever collaborate with the best of my industry. Because I m even more a solitary creature than Madonna. I like keeping it at the level I can manage myself, in exchange for autonomy and no hassle. So I have no idea if I ll ever let someone else film me, or filter my rumbling stomach from the audio.

But in eight months I learned a valuable lesson: to always keep matters into my own hands. Not because I m a pain in the butt to work with, or because others are, but because some of us will only be happy when they’re fully independent in absolutely everything.
But especially, in their career.

week 16 Risk itClosing note from Suzanne M Yoga Nijmegen

I have the card Risk It with me in yoga class this week🙂

For 52 weeks I m blogging from the card deck Crazy Sexy Love Notes. Because I plan on shooting videos for my private clients as well as YouTube & because I ve started my new Sweet Sunday classes (just made a special offer for that)
I ve changed my work schedule. Therefor, starting next week this blogpost will go out every Tuesday (new day)

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9 + 10/ 52 Choose Love

9 and 10

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld 

When you ve finished tidying your books, step back and take a good look at your bookshelves.
What kinds of words leap out at you from the titles on their spines?
The words we see and with which we come into contact
tend to bring about events of the same nature.
You will become the person who matches the books you have kept.
from Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

There is a famous apple experiment. If you browse the internet you can see that it has been repeated by multiple people and always with the same results; cut an apple in half and save both parts in separate jars. Talk positive to one half, and negative to the other. I m pretty sure you can guess how the “bad apple” was doing, compared to the “good apple”.

Elizabeth Gilbert recently wrote a way too long post on her Facebook page (it’s one of the reasons I love Liz – she’s my permission slip to never say in three words, what could be more compellingly said in a thousand), where she analyses the Western habit of self-hatred.
Instead of urging you to turn self-hartred around to being positive, she invites you to do something else: think positive about your negativity. I have used her Extreme Love Experiment for the meditation in final resting pose in my classes, and I will do so again in week 9 & 10. You can find her meditation below.

Tara Stiles' new bookYoga in week 9 & 10

I ve created two pdf schedules based on Tara Stiles’ book Yoga Cures (Nederlands; Yoga Helpt) I ve incorporated all exercises so – at least in theory – we should heal everything now😉
M Yoga #13  Yoga Cures solar
M Yoga #14  Yoga Cures lunar 
After this week’s lesson we know that it all starts with loving the parts that need healing. And please keep showering them with love, whether they heal or not.
Oh, and check your bookshelves😉

Final resting pose/ relaxation

From Elizabeth Gilbert, with a firm amount of editing I admit;

I have tried a radical experiment recently. I call it: THE EXTREME LOVE EXPERIMENT.

Whenever I have a dark thought — a “forbidden” thought, like anger, jealousy, resentment, lust, shame, contempt — I immediately say to myself, “I love the part of you, Liz, who is full of anger right now.”

I used to try to banish all those parts of myself. Because they were BAD. They were WRONG. They were UNEVOLVED. They were NEGATIVE.

But banishing the parts of myself that I hated has never worked. The more I try to banish them, the stronger they grow. The more I hated these parts of myself, the more they multiplied. It’s like my self-hatred was fertilizer — creating a dark, warm, nourishing environment for all those “bad” thoughts and impulses to grow…and as they grew, they destroyed me.

Now I just say to the dark thought, “I love this part of you”…and the dark thought loses its power.

I love all these dark parts of myself not because they are wonderful and adorable and perfect and fantastic, but because they are THERE. My dark bits are with me and they will likely always be with me. Just as your dark parts are with you and will likely always be with you. All that is there needs to be loved.

That’s OK.

The Buddha said it better, of course. The Buddha said, “You can search the whole world over and never find anyone as deserving of love as yourself.”

In other words: Be good to you, OK?

Please put down the knife you have been holding to your own throat. You don’t deserve that kind of abuse, and it won’t help.

Just try it. Try saying to your scariest bits: “I love this part of you.”

And then say it again to the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and ONWARD.

Good luck in there.


6/52 You did it!

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

I stopped sucking my thumb. Not when I was six and my mother started worrying, because she didn’t. Not when I was 10 and my adult teeth started parting. They found their way back in line by themselves. Not when I was 15 and I was a tough teenager. I had that covered by smoking cigarettes. Not when I was in my twenties and you could see my right thumb was smaller than my left, because I had sucked the rest off. No, I quit this year when my bottom front teeth suddenly started turning inwards. I m still not quite there yet, but I think I m at about 95%, but it comes pretty easily. And yet I catch myself barely enjoying this achievement because something new came up: I needed to save my teeth. One had been in poor condition for years, one was fixed last Thursday but it still hurt which meant there was a chance of needing a root canal. And a third would get fixed in March because that one too was already hurting.

I heard myself saying to the dentist: “I already know I will have to go through the ordeal of getting a dental implant (crown with a steel root) at some point in my life.”
An ordeal yes. Not to mention a financial loss of that type of dentistry.
Suddenly I saw this daunting track of dental problems that would only get worse. I had already gone from one problem tooth to three, and I knew I wasn’t doing anything to stop it. Not really.

Phytic Acid

My teeth can do to me what fear of cancer does to normal people: BRING ME TO MY KNEES.
I m currently twenty-four hours into my self-constructed diet. It still allows me to drink alcohol and eat sugar on social occasions and I haven’t excluded all grains yet, but I AM taking measures to remineralize my teeth (I ll get to the grain bit later) and take responsibility for my dental health.

We know sugar is bad. Fruit juice is pure acid. And brushing your teeth right after eating sweets or fruit is bad. Common knowledge. When you start looking for more information about tooth decay they all start with the work of Weston A Price, beginning of the 20th century. He studied indigenous groups (who all possessed strong healthy teeth) and what causes tooth decay within the Western diet.

The two reasons the Western Diet cause tooth decay:
– offers too little fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and too little minerals
– vitamins and minerals can not be absorbed by the body (or are extracted from the body) because of phytic acid.

In case you thought phytic acid was something McDonalds added to their food, or an artificial sweetener used to make candy brightly blue, then brace yourself for this one:
Phytic acid is found in beans, grains (especially the whole grain ones!), seeds and nuts.
Holy crap right?
Butter-Oil-Cod-Liver-Oil-Blend-Cinnamon_largeBrown rice does more damage to your teeth than half a bottle of white wine.
Which might explain why I thought I could get used to this diet😀

So I m now figuring this whole thing out. The ideal diet for teeth is probably cooked vegetables and animal protein, cutting all grains, sugar, alcohol, all fruit, and all beans or nuts (unless you cook them for hours). And adding fermented cod liver oil to your diet, which is only made in Alaska and costs € 40,- for a bottle, for four months of taste torture. More if you want the cinnamon version with added butter oil. (for insiders: this is the infamous clarified butter = Ghee from Ayurveda!! Great for teeth.)

It was actually one of the sites where a fanatic mother told how she made her children take cod liver oil, that made me want to give up because I didn’t want any part in that. And I also sincerely started to doubt the whole thing when the author of the only contemporary book on tooth decay talked in a video as if his teeth were seriously bothering him… ohmygush…..
I was about to step into a tribe of child-abusing, unworldly, fanatics who skipped dental treatments because they were making a living out of claiming they didn’t need them.
The Curing Tooth Decay diet was in dire need of a make-over and some positive PR.

So I called it The Fabulous Tooth Diet, and decided I would be its ambassador. And its guinea pig. So far it includes cheap over the counter cod liver capsules, fatty fish, regular organic dairy products (when they should be raw and from grass-fed cows), and I m already planning on making my first bone broth. A very good friend of mine has improved his teeth on a vegetarian diet, so it can be done apparently. But let him be ambassador of that then😀
The general guideline in diets for your teeth, as well as Price’s initial research, is to cut out all grains and sugars and up on animal protein (dairy, eggs and meat). And to cook the sh*t out of everything containing phytic acid.

You Did It!

I quit sucking my thumb which was something I never thought I could do. I always felt sentimental giving up a habit I had since I was still in my cradle. I was convinced it kept me young (still am, really). And yet, when I could play the “stop sucking thumb” card when those teeth started to move around, I was so ready for it. Ready to give it up and happy I had an option, something I could do. It was empowering. But before I could enjoy my success something new came up; I had to go on a bigger quest. Fight a bigger demon. And I almost forgot I had already achieved something.

This is not unique to me, nor to this situation: this is life. This is how it will always be. Because whenever you have achieved something, something bigger is waiting. And you will be ready for it. Imagine you want to graduate; before you even have your diploma, you ll be thinking of getting a job. When you get a job, you ll be focused on doing it well and how to deal with the hiccups of your first month.

Life doesn’t offer moments to reflect and enjoy your accomplishments. Life doesn’t offer peace, and quiet, and contentment…. But I ll give you THREE guesses as to what does😀


I made a 24 minute home yoga video.
Baby M #18 You Did It
It’s a still, lunar, none-challenging practice, with exception of the last pose which is a half headstand.

In class I will work from last week’s pdf’s :
M Yoga #11 30 Day Program solar
M Yoga #12 30 Day Program lunar
and I will add some sweet long yin yoga poses. Super sweet, but they will fit in nicely in your fabulous teeth diet ;) 

The music this week is inspired by the movie Amy 
I was going to create a celebration playlist, but found Amy Winehouse singing “It’s my party” and decided I would do a list with live tracks from Amy Winehouse & other songs from the movie Amy.

You can read about my classes in Nijmegen here
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5/52 Listen (very carefully…)

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Confusing right?
After reading the quote I selected for this week’s picture you’re probably thinking:
she could do better. What a slacker.
Maybe Suzanne is suffering from pms, a hang-over, or other signs of spiritual poverty.
Well, guess again? You know what your mind just read?
Give power to what you want.
Your mind does NOT understand a negative. It’s the famous: don’t think of a pink elephant, and then everybody thinks of a pink elephant.

Ironically, as long as it’s pink elephants everybody seems to agree the mind does not understand a negative. And yet, only recently a Dutch Facebook group was initiated to stop violence on social media. And I read people expecting results from detoxing. Or de-cluttering. Or even losing weight.
I ll tell you what results you can expect: toxins, clutter and extra kilos. And more violence on social media.

Last holiday season I forgot this basic universal law and made the resolution to eat less sugar. Every morning I would read my list of resolutions; sugar-low diet.
I immediately started to attract candy, cake and cookies. It was even brought into my house, by the kilo. When I was complaining in class how difficult it was to lessen my sugar intake when I had become a candy magnet, a student was kind enough to point out that I was actually manifesting sugar. First thing in the morning, I started thinking of sugar. Probably already mouth watering. I was emotionally charging my desire for sweets by making a resolution NOT to eat them. And do you know what happens to emotionally charged desires? They have this sticky and sweet habit of coming true!

So hooray for eating healthy, having loving relationships, financial prosperity and living the life of your dreams. Promise me you’ll think a lot about them.

yoga video, music & weekly classes

I made a 13 minute home yoga video. If you want to listen to someone explaining the medieval bow (Thank you Sire!) a Ninja lunge, Karate Kid Asana and that sneaky side crow that comes in two variations but that no one tells you about?
Then this is your video.
Baby M #17 Listen
Unfortunately it does not explain why I m panting like I just ran half a marathon but I make up for it by finishing with an imitation of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Yoga-Fights-Flab-9781592330584 - newI made something EXTRA!
Two M Yoga pdf’s (longer practices)
It’s based on a book Yoga to fight flab (pop quiz: after reading this blogpost, can you understand what’s wrong with that title?) I covered up the title, and renamed it to the subtitle: A 30 Day Program.

M Yoga #11 30 Day Program solar
M Yoga #12 30 Day Program lunar

The music this week is the album Elements from Einaudi

You can read about my classes in Nijmegen here
or 2016 program Crazy Sexy Yoga here in English, and hier in het Nederlands.

4/52 It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Procrastination is a somewhat strange English word (I always associate it with castration and prostration!) but what it means is far too common to most of us:
postponing things that are important for your well-being or significant for your future, in favor of things that are pleasant. So instead of doing the dishes you watch tv; instead of yoga, you hang out on Facebook; instead of learning skills that will boost your career (for example reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) you go for drinks after work.
This does not mean that the pleasant things do not contribute to your well-being, but they have their time and place.
Problem with pleasant things or immediately rewarding chores/tasks is that they can usually can be done anytime. Whereas the things you’re postponing require concentration and willpower (little tip: just start! commit to doing it 5 minutes).

The reason you think you can afford postponing is (in short) you don’t feel the urgency of those tasks. And in my experience this is usually because you are not emotionally involved in the desired outcome. You don’t feel that you want that killer body, that new job, free weekends so you can spend two days every week doing the things you love.

The reason your “goals” are abstract, is probably because they need some work. Fine-tuning. You need to modify them so you can start feeling the urgency of working on them on a daily basis.

Here’s two ways of doing that:
1. What do you want your life to look like 1 year from now?
You can even intensify it by thinking: what if I only have 1 year to live?
This can clear things up for you pretty fast.
It will separate everything you re doing for money, or to please others, from your ambition or what you really enjoy doing.
2. What DON T you want your life to look like 1 year from now?
This one is often missing from self-help books. But there are people who are goal driven, and those who are avoidance driven. If you re avoidance driven you need to start with the worst possible outcomes. And then you commit to a path where the worst outcome is better🙂
So if you’ve been getting stuck finding or focusing on a new job (you got stuck thinking goal driven), seeing yourself still having that same struggle one year from now, might just be your personal motivator to push through. because now the worst case scenario is that you failed getting a new job after giving it your all. That beats never having tried.
Seeing yourself still having the same issues in a relationship one year from now, could be your reason to give it one final go improving things with help of a therapist or to end the relationship and free up that investment in time and energy for something else.
For the avoidance driven people (and I m one of them) starting with what you DON’T want for yourself one year from now, can often be a stepping stone to align with your goals and stop procrastinating.

yoga video, music & weekly classes

I made a 12 minute home yoga video for It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating. It is a strong and spicy yoga practice.
You can find it here on YouTube:
Baby M #16 It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating

The 1 hour music It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating Playlist
This playlist has become a true gem, and it will move you to get off you butt and start working out (with Let’s Get Physical from Olivia Newton John!), take you on a trip through memory lane and ultimately move you to tears with John Legend’s This Time. It includes Madonna, the Stones, Tom Waits, Patience from Guns and Roses and so much more.

You can read about my classes in Nijmegen here
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2/52: A New Day

2 52 Crazy Sexyby Suzanne L. Beenackers

It’s a step-by-step guide to making this year so special that you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and begin your day.
The Best Year of Your Life
Debby Ford

To say I was excited when New Years Day arrived would be an understatement. I was thrilled. My work was in overdrive, ideas for my writing hobby were abundant – where hobby would roughly translate as “prerequisite for mental sanity and life-line” – and I had made daily exercise non-negotiable. Not having enough energy, lacking new ideas, or a weak entrepreneurial drive were non-existent problems to me. I knew exactly what I wanted, precisely how to get there, and was eager to nail this whole year right from the first minute.
And yet, I knew that if I gave myself free rein I would still end up wasting time and energy to a condition called facebook-email-desk-at-home-boundary-issue. I made four new year resolutions, but this was the most important one: boundaries for using Facebook and email. Every weekend I would be off-line. And after a work infused Friday January 1st, I couldn’t wait to pull the plug and dive headfirst into my offline weekend.
What bliss!

The promise of “A New Day” is the promise of working on the things that matter most to you. Including the things you don’t get paid for but that make your heart sing (especially those!) Sharing time with the ones you love in real life, or phone or other private way of communicating. Enjoying a book, dealing with real life. And I guarantee you: being off-line will settle down those pieces of the puzzle that have been swirling up in the air. It will pull that insight, lurking in the dark, right up into the light. It will release the happiness that was trapped, the energy that was stuck, and it will give you so much clarity on what you want to do that your first resolution will probably be:
I want more of this.

I have no idea what your resolutions are but I m positive that they will benefit if you start 2016 by creating space for it. It’s like anything you want to receive in life: make sure there’s space for it to receive it.
Being offline (I do allow for Whatsapp, phone and smoke signals) frees up time, energy, and creates space to receive new habits, to do new projects, to enjoy more time with friends and family.
So whether you have a thousand resolutions for 2016, or absolutely none, creating the space in your life to receive, will always be beneficial.

Your best year is not about getting all the things you think you need to be happy. In fact, in the year to come you could lose a loved one, or a job. You could get divorced or run into obstacles in your career. But it does not require that every day is a rosy land of paradise or that everything goes your way. What it does require is for you to develop those parts of yourself that are yearning to be expressed. The Best year of Your Life is about becoming inspired by yourself, loving who you are and the choices you are making. It’s about making peace with your past so you can create a future that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It’s about living each day grounded in reality, with passions and excitement for life, and inspiring others to do the same.

The Best year of Your Life
Debby Ford

1998 Ray_of_Light_MadonnaYoga video A New Day 

I made a 12 minute home yoga video for A New Day. It is a strong yoga practice for in the morning.
You can find it here
Baby M #14 A New Day

The music in class for A New Day is Ray of Light from Madonna. Unedited, in the original sequence.

Classes in Nijmegen resume Monday January 4. You can read about my program Crazy Sexy Yoga here in English, and hier in het Nederlands.
It features a discount if you register now – check flash sale offer.
Flash sale ends Friday 8 January 2016.
So sign up before that if you want to follow my classes and make sure 2016 will be your best year ever.

28 Holiday Yoga Videos

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

photo Sadie 14 day playlistsI m so super excited to share this with you! Whether you re looking for a fierce vinyasa power yoga practice (which you can take at my studio as Rockstar Yoga) or a nice sweet hatha yoga practice: I have created just the perfect playlist for you. Using videos from two teachers that I have taught from the past year: Sadie Nardini and Yoga with Adriene.

14 Day Rockstar Yoga Playlist
from Sadie Nardini
How about 1 every day for the next 14 days? They range from 18 minutes to an hour.

14 Day Yoga with Adriene Playlist.photo Adriene 14 day playlists
Starting with Yoga for the Morning, ending with Yoga for Bedtime, and some feisty longer power yoga practices too (they’re in the middle).

Mix & Match all 28 videos
Sadie and Yoga with Adriene combined. This will be my personal favorite over the holidays.

Hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

Oh, wait…. that doesn’t mean much right?



ps: if you live in Nijmegen remember to sign up and use your discount paying before Christmas.
NL: http://myoganijmegen.com/yoga/crazy-sexy-2016/
English: https://mmmyoga.wordpress.com/crazy-sexy-2016/
Or send me an email s_beenackers@hotmail.com